Videos and images in sections


Unlike many other themes Taiga supports the use of videos in various places. You can choose to use video content instead of a static image in the following sections and templates:

Image (or media) blocks

Commonly the media blocks in the theme are referred as: Image (or video). In such a block you can upload a image or fill in the video URL. You can toggle between image or video usage with a a ratio input: Show image or Show video.

Mobile and desktop settings

In some blocks and sections you also have the ability to have different media for mobile and desktop. Desktop media is the default mandatory media. It is also used for mobile if you choose to leave the mobile media empty.

By using the mobile media it is easier to mach the media aspect ratio to device aspect ratio. For example in a Hero banner section the mobile media is usually in a portrait orientation and in desktop in landscape orientation.

Video recommendation

  • Use short videos (up to 10 seconds)
  • Use relatively low bitrate to reduce file size
  • Use Shopify CDN for video if possible
  • Youtube and Vimeo support

Image recommendations

Images in the theme is optimized with the theme code. Still it is good to mach the image aspect ratio close to the shown aspect ratio in the store. This way you can reduce bandwith needed for the images and make the site faster.

Using SVGs

Vector graphics are supported in the Header as a logo and in the Banner grid section with the text banner.