Color schemes

Taiga theme supports two color schemes: Main and Accent. Used color scheme can be selected in various places of the theme. In addition selections support inverted colors so you do not need to use the accent color just to create a inverted color option. Make the accent truly an accent.

Both schemes support following colors:

  • Text
  • Background 
  • Borders
  • Button text
  • Button background
  • Card text
  • Card background

Text and Background colors as well as Button text and Button background colors should have enough contrast to achieve adequate accessibility

Main colors

Main colors contribute to the vast majority of the site. By default these colors are used in all the sections and templates of the Online Store.

Accent color

Alternative color scheme that can be used through out the theme's sections. You can manage your store with only the main colors. Accent color scheme use is optional.

Other colors

From the colors panel you can also adjust the colors of other UI elements like: Header, footer, modals, drawers, badges, etc.