Banner grid


The Banner grid section is optimized to promote products and campaigns of your online store. Use the versatile banner types to create different types of content within the grid.

You are able to set the amount of columns to divide your blocks for both mobile and desktop views. To set the column amount, go to either "Mobile layout", "Tablet layout" or "Desktop layout". In each of those settings area, you'll see a range slider to set the amount of columns in each view. 

To let you create a nice and dynamic user experience and highlight as many of the content types you wish, this section has the following blocks:

  • ImageThe image block is optimal to present an image as a background with text layered over it. Great to use to highlight a product or feature.

  • VideoThis video block could be used to present a brief video clip that needs just a small amount of attention or to add extra atmosphere to a text block in this section.

  • TextUse the text block to present text only, nice to combine with an adjacent Image block or video block, to focus attention on your dynamic content.

  • ProductHighlight a product that is a sibling of the contents in this same section.