The Testimonials section can be used to add manual reviews or highlighted feedback of the online store experience, building trust and credibility with potential buyers.

✅ Steps

  1. Open the Theme Editor.
    Navigate to your Shopify dashboard and open the Theme Editor for your store.
  2. Add the Testimonials Section.
    Click on 'Add section' and choose 'Testimonials' to insert this component into your desired page layout.
  3. Save your changes.
    Once you've set up the Testimonials section to your liking, click 'Save' to implement your adjustments.

Configure the Section Settings

Color Scheme: Customize to fit your brand’s look and feel.
Enable Autoplay: Toggle on to have testimonials automatically rotate.
Autoplay Interval: Set the duration between each testimonial rotation.
Text Alignment: Align text to the right, center, or left according to your design preference.
Icon Options: Select from no icon, 5 stars, or quotation marks to precede the testimonials.

Desktop Settings
Full Width: Opt to have the section span the full width of the page.
Testimonials Per Row: Choose how many testimonials are displayed per row.
Margins: Adjust the top and bottom margins for optimal layout.
Tablet Settings
Determine how many testimonials to show per row for tablet viewers.
Mobile Setting
Adjust top and bottom margins specifically for mobile devices to enhance readability.


Customize Blocks

Testimonials Header: Customize heading settings including subheadings, heading tags, and text field. Adjust text size separately for Desktop and Mobile.
Testimonial Blocks: Each block contains a header for the testimonial, the text of the quote, and the author’s name, enabling personal stories to shine.