General layout

General settings

Grid gap: This defines the gap between card like items throughout the store.
  • Gap between products in collection page
  • Gap between products in featured collection sections
  • Gap between products in recently viewed and product recommendation sections
  • Gap between articles in blogs
  • Gap between collections in collection list section
  • Gap between testimonials in testimonials sections
Content width: This is the maximum width that contained sections will use in pixels. In sections - under Desktop layout settings - you can find a Section width dropdown. 
  • By choosing Contained that sections will use the set value. 
  • By choosing Full width the content width will be ignored and the section will use the full width of the browser window. 

Fixed maximum width

By enabling the fixed maximum width the main content area will not exceed the set content width value. White space is added to the left and right side of the content when the window size is larger than the content width. 

Use fixed maximum width if you want to maintain a non fluid look on wider desktop devices. Other benefits are that managing section medias gets easier as there is a threshold width that the images  and videos won't exceed.


Settings table

Setting Type Description
Content width Range
  • Sets the maximum width of the content area, in pixels
  • Min value: 1000px
  • Max value: 1920px
  • Default: 1440px
Enable fixed maximum width Checkbox
  • Enables forced maximum content area width
  • When window exceeds the maximum content width white space is added on both sides of the main content.
  • Default: False
White space color Color
  • Used only if fixed maximum width is enabled
  • The color of the whitespace
  • Default: Transparent / Body color
Main content shadow Range
  • Used only if fixed maximum width is enabled 
  • Controls the main area shadow, in percentage
  • Use value 0 to disable
  • Min 0%
  • Max 100%
  • Default: 25%


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