Product pages

The product page displays all the important information about the product itself.

The default product page layout has a list of product media (including images, videos and 3D images) on the left side and product details on the right side. The product section comes with some default blocks such as title, description, quantity selector, price, variant picker, inventory status and buy buttons.

Moreover, you will find two Collapsible tab blocks containing further details on Payment & Shipping and Details & Care.

On the product section level, you are able to decide the layout which best suits your styling and your product images aspect ratio.

Product page layouts

 One column layout

 Two columns layout

 Traditional, thumbnails below main image


Configure your product blocks

Taiga theme allows you to customize your product page with a large variety of blocks:

  • Heading: Shows the product title;

  • Price: Displays the product price. It will show eventual Compare at price when set;

  • Text: Allows to add a custom text to display additional content for your product template;

  • Product description: Displays the product description;

  • Variant picker: Adds a variant picker for choosing product variant. You can choose between Button or Dropdown styles. Check this guide if you want to use Color swatches feature within variant picker;

  • Inventory status: Displays a text indicator of product availability. 

  • Quantity selector: Shows a quantity selector for choosing the number of products to buy.

  • Buy buttons: Shows the Add to cart and Buy it now buttons;

  • Pickup availability: Displays pickup availability for products that can be collected from local pickup location. Refer to this guide to set up locations in Shopify;

  • Sibling products: Adds a list of products, in the form of a slider, as product swatches. Sibling configuration guide below.

  • Share buttons: Displays an icon and once you click on it, it will show the product page link.

  • Similar collections: Displays a list of collections the product belongs. You are also able to exclude some collections from the listing if needed;

  • Custom liquid: Adds custom Liquid snippets inside the product page;

  • Collapsible itemShows additional product information using expandable tabs. The content can be fetched from either a textarea setting or from a page. This block also allows you to display the content on a drawer instead of a tab.

  • Star rating: Displays product ratings, showed as star icons. Refer to this guide to learn more about Shopify product reviews;

Configure sibling products

Sibling products highlighted in red

The sibling products block requires you to link the products via metafields. Before you can link the products you need to add a one time metafield definition. After that you can link the product in the admin panel's product view or through the bulk edit view (where you first need to add the metafield to a new column to edit the values).

Sibling metafield definition

Adding the metafield definition

  1. In the Admin panel go to Settings > Metafields > Products > Add definition
  2. Set the following values for the new metafield definition
    1. Name: Sibling products
    2. Key and namespace: woolman.sibling_products 
    3. Content type: Product - List of products
  3. Save the definition

Adding siblings to products

After the metafield definition is done you can add sibling products via the Product view or trough the bulk edit view where you first need to add the metafield to a column to edit the values.

  • Add the list of siblings to all of the sibling products
  • Note: The current product should be included in the siblings to show and highlight it on the product page

Sibling products are not showing up. Where is the problem?

  1. Check that you have the Sibling products block active in the product template
  2. Check that have the correct namespace and key in the metafield definition: woolman.sibling_products 
  3. Check that the product you are viewing has a list of product values in the Product siblings metafield

Why use sibling products?

Sibling products feature helps you to link multiple products as options for the end user. This way the end user can quickly jump between these different products and rather than variants only.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations section is a static section which is displayed below currently viewed product products and it shows a list of product recommendations.

Its logic is based on different factors. Please refer to this guide to learn more about Shopify product recommendations logic and to this guide to learn how to further customize these recommendations.

Recently viewed products

Recently viewed products section is a static section which is displayed below currently viewed product products and it shows a list of recently viewed products.

Its logic is based on saving recently viewed products product handles inside the browser session storage.