Collection pages

Collection header

Collection image will be used as the background for your collection header.

Product grid settings

The collection page displays a product grid with products specifically from its parent collection. The page settings offer you a variety of additional presentation features to highlight the products and contents.

Show product count
Toggle the product count-setting, to show/hide the amount of products that are available in the collection.

Show sort options
Allow visitors the control to “sort” the product cards in the grid. The order options are: alphabetical, best selling , featured, date and price.

Show filter options
If you create a filter in your store's settings you can toggle the visibility of this filter option. It is then presented within a menu drawer - if available.

Full width layout
You can switch from the default grid view with margins to and edge to edge full width layout by toggling the option “full width layout”, the main column size will then switch from contained to full-width view.

Items per row
Set the amount of products per row for both desktop and mobile devices. This gives you full control over the presentation on multiple devices.

Collection banners

You can create banners into the product grid. This allows space to feature promotions and or additional branding relevant to the products / collection being viewed. The placement and frequency of banners can also be customized.