Hero banner

The Hero banner section allows you to create a large and eye-catching graphic to display your brand and or hero products.

A hero banner often sits at the top of a website and, in general, it consists of image (or video), text and one or more CTAs (buttons).

You are able to define your custom section layout for both desktop and mobile view, in particular you can decide your hero banner height, width, position of the content, align of the text, font sizing and colors.

To enable full control over the hero banner, this section has the following blocks:

  • Image (or video): adds an image or a video as a background. You can select an image for the desktop viewport and an image for the mobile viewport. The same logic works when you would add a video instead of an image;

  • Heading: displays the hero banner's title;

  • Subheading: shows the hero banner's subtitle;

  • Body text: displays the hero banner's text;

  • Button: adds a call-to-action button. You can select the button style, label and link. You can also add up to two button blocks per hero banner section.