The Footer section is a constant universal section which is visible on every page below all other content. You have full control over many settings such as show/hide acceptable payment icons, add a custom copyright text, show/hide social media icons, show/hide language selector (refer to this guide to add languages on your store), show/hide country/region selector.

In order to create an effective footer, you will be able to use different kind of blocks:

  • Navigation: adds a menu with links for navigating your store. You can decide a menu heading, select the menu (refer to this guide to learn more about how to create a menu in Shopify) and adjust the menu width within the section, you may also add multiple navigation blocks to the footer;

  • Text: displays custom text. You can decide a heading, write text and adjust the block width within the section;

  • Newsletter: shows a newsletter subscription form inside the section. You can decide a heading, display a text and adjust the block width within the section;