The Slideshow section expands on the possibilities of the regular hero banner section, allowing you to add multiple hero banners in a sequence, using a slider.

A slideshow often sits at the top of a website and, in general, it consists of a list of images overlaid with a title, text and one or more CTAs (buttons).

You are able to define your custom section layout for both desktop and mobile view, including your slideshow height and enable/disable the autoplay feature.

In this section, there is only one type of block available:

    • Slideadds a slide within the slideshow. You can select an image (it doesn’t support videos) for the desktop viewport and an image for the mobile viewport, a title, a body text and add up to two buttons.
      It also allows you to add a transparent color overlay, in order to emphasize your content, and to control your text sizing, color, alignment and position for both mobile and desktop views.