Mega menu setup

You can do in menu promos with Taiga's Header section's blocks. We will demonstrate this feature through the Taiga Sage demo store setup.

1. Set your primary menu

In menu promos can only be added under the primary menu items. So first up set your primary menu in the Header section.

With Sage demo store our primary menu has four top level items: New, Shop, About and Journal. We will set up in menu promos to be displayed under the New menu item. This item is referred as parent menu item in the promos.

The parent menu item can have sub items, but they are optional. If there parent menu item has sub items they will be displayed after the promo items.

Image: Primary menu as seen in the drawer

2. Add in menu promos

Add in menu promos by adding a new block to the header. You can select from three different type of promotional content:

  • Menu banner - image with text and link
  • Menu collection - list of products
  • Menu divider - Heading and divider options

Important! In the block settings the parent menu item title needs to match the menu title in your primary menu. The field is case sensitive. For example in the our Sage demo store the setting value will be: New.

The order of the blocks will define the display order of the promos.

Remember to save your changes.

Image: Adding in menu promos. 

Image: Menu divider block. 

Image: Menu banner block. 

Image: Menu collection block. 

Good to know

  • When using the in menu promos the drawer panel width will increase in desktop viewports.
  • You can control the width of a single menu banner to achieve desired layout.
  • Menu collection allows you to select products manually, so you are not required to create a collection to select desired products