Featured blog posts

The Featured Blog Posts section makes it easy to spotlight selected articles on your site, helping to showcase key posts and share updates or themes you want to highlight. It comes with a range of customizable options, so you can match it to your site's look and improve how visitors interact with your content.


  1. Open the Theme Editor.
    Navigate to your Shopify dashboard and open the Theme Editor for your store.
  2. Add the Featured Blog Post Section.
    Click on 'Add section' and select 'Featured Blog Post' to integrate this section into your page layout.
  3. Save your changes.
    After customizing the Featured Blog Section section, click 'Save' to implement your adjustments.


Color Scheme: Customize to align with your brand and site aesthetics.
Blog Picker: Select the blog whose articles you want to feature.
Articles Display Range: Choose how many articles to display, from 1 to 20.
"View All" Link: Include a link to view all articles within the selected blog.

Desktop View Settings:

Full Width: Toggle for a full-width layout.
Display Type: Choose between a Grid or Slider layout.
Articles Per Row: Adjust how many articles appear per row (2-5).
Margins: Set the top and bottom margins for layout spacing.

Tablet Layout

Articles Per Row: Customizable articles per row to cater to tablet viewers.

Mobile Layout Settings

Display Type: Select Grid or Slider for mobile viewing.
Margins: Adjust the top and bottom margins for optimal mobile presentation.

Slider Specifics:

(when Slider is chosen)
Enable Autoplay: Toggle for automated article rotation.
Autoplay Interval: Set the time between slides in seconds.
Sliding Behaviour: Choose between "one by one" or "all visible" for slide transitions.

Theme Settings:

Image Aspect Ratios: Tailor the visual presentation of blog post images.
Visibility Toggles: Options to display the author, date, and content snippets.
Text Alignment: Align text to the left, center, or right.
Media Fit: Choose "fill" for a stretched image look or "original" for natural dimensions.
Text Positioning: Decide whether text appears inside or outside the card, affecting the overlay of text on images or separate text blocks.

📝 Note:

Adjusting the Theme Settings will impact other blog posts throughout the shop.