Image with text

Image with text section can be used anywhere in the theme. It can be used in the front page to show special attention towards a product, event etc. 

In product pages it is generally used to provide additional information of the product. The content for this section can be assigned through metafields or through section/block settings. 

Section can have 1 image/video block, a text block with a paragraph, heading and a subheading and two button blocks.


Style and layout

Color scheme The basic color scheme the section uses. These colors are set in the theme settings.

Desktop section width width of the section, either full width or the page width 

Desktop image position set the image on either left or right side of the section. By default, mobile shows the image 1st.

Desktop/mobile text alignment Basic alignment settings for mobile and desktop views of the section: Left, right and center

Desktop/ mobile Margin

Section top and bottom margin settings for mobile and desktop views of the section.



Image (or video)

Source for images and videos. Images can be linked either from the files or through metafields. Videos can be Shopify CND urls or metafields.

Aspect ratio setting for the displayed media

Media toggle to display either the image or video content.

Image link An additional link if the image is pressed. Can be given an url or sourced from metafields

Text Content

Text content for the image section. Text content can be displayed on either left or right side of the image content. The alignment is selected through the section settings. Can be left blank


Two buttons can be displayed on the section. These buttons are shown below the text content.  Button settings are: lable, link, style and width