FAQ blog template

The FAQ blog template allows you to address the most common questions customers may have and it enables you to spend less time answering to user queries. View live demo.

Please note that you must have Taiga as your live theme in order to use this feature or alternatively a matching template name in your current live theme. This is due to Shopify's limitations.

How to create an FAQ blog?

1. Head over to your Online Store -> Blog posts
2. Click on the "Manage blogs" link

How to setup FAQ blog template in Taiga Shopify theme

Then, you will be able to select blog that you wish to turn into FAQ, in our example we will be using the "Archives" blog:

And lastly, change the template from "Default blog" to "faq". Now all your articles under this blog will be displayed as FAQ items.

How to create FAQ answers?

Once you've setup an FAQ blog, you can begin adding question-answer pairs.

You will simply create a new blog post and assign it to your FAQ blog.

Blog post title will be your question and blog post content will be your answer.

Make sure to set the parent blog as your newly created FAQ blog, in our example this will be "Archives":

How to add FAQ filters?

FAQ filters can be set by utilizing blog post tags. Filters allow your customers to quickly view question-answer pairs under certain topic.