Create a blog and write articles


Use the blog to share additional content with articles. With blog articles you are able to provide your visitors frequent fresh content and drive product sales. This provides an opportunity for your visitors to return to the store and engage with your brand in-between making purchases.

Create the opportunity for frequent visitors

Articles can be used as advertorial content. Think about promoting a category, up & cross selling products or to inform about the latest products to your online store, such as a new brand, vendor or collection of products.

Categorize your posts
Add tags to articles and file them under various blog categories. Visitors will be able to filter relevant posts relevant to their personal interests.

Creating drafted content
Content can be created in advance with a future publishing date for example preparing for seasonal campaigns or product releases. Optimal use of drafted blog posts allows you to create content driven campaigns ahead of time, drip feeding posts to your blog throughout a certain period.

Create a community
Blogs and sharing articles can build a community within your store. Allow visitors to share the articles via social media and active the option to leave customer comments on articles. You can also moderate comments by approval as a community manager.